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one’s rights should not be contingent upon one’s capacity to afford to use them.

This is the second time I’ve gotten through the screening for Talk of the Nation only for an inarticulate tea party representative to ramble on incoherently about empty values for the remainder of the discussion. Or hysterical callers to go on for minutes about conspiracy theories.

They spent nearly an hour talking about mandatory drug testing for welfare recipients, and not once did anyone call out the awful comparison to employer drug testing. People applying for jobs can turn down jobs and thus maintain their right to privacy. People on welfare are desperate and cannot turn down such unreasonable violations of privacy. Furthermore, there is no evidence that such people abuse drugs to a greater extent than others. The only reason they are targeted is because they are the only ones in a position where they cannot refuse.

To coopt a favorite term of the tea party, if there is such a thing as ‘class warfare,’ it must be in situations like this wherein the poorest people lose their rights in ways that others can avoid by virtue of their limited financial options.

Infuriatingly idiotic discussion. Horrible moderation of the callers and horrible interviewing of the guests. Fail, NPR.

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