"I do not know which of us has written this page."

Today, I indulged. A coconut creme batido from Frita Batidos in Ann Arbor, and a Brisket Enchilada and amazing Mac n Cheese from Slow’s BBQ in Detroit.

I feel awful though.

  1. olddeludersatan said: Frita Batidos! Unf!
  2. fobicology said: That drink looks amazing but it could just be the umbrella
  3. dumbassfils said: brisket is such a gross meat
  4. haramgirls said: I need a detailed account of the food at Slow’s as I have yet to go there.
  5. purplepill said: This is what my feelings look like. Especially the third picture. Honestly, America - how are you allowed to have such nice things?
  6. chotai said: ay aya ay mamacita
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